Main Bronxville

Bronxville is a charming, English-style Tudor village nestled along the banks of the Bronx River in southern Westchester. Approximately 1.0 square mile in size, the incorporated village in the Town of Eastchester is home to more than 6,200 residents who enjoy its enduring character, strong community spirit and local businesses.

Bronxville is conveniently located 15 miles north of New York City. With lush green yards and towering trees, the close-knit neighborhoods that have been the hallmark of Bronxville’s history are all within walking distance of the business district and train station. They are lined with real estate including stately Tudors, Colonials and Victorian-style Bronxville homes, along with townhouses and cozy apartments. The Lawrence Park section, a National Historic District, is recognized for its narrow, meandering stone streets and unusually shaped building plots.

Bronxville’s school district is nationally recognized for educational excellence, where it centers on developing the potential of each child, accommodating individual learning styles and rates of development. An award-winning school district, proximity to New York City and small-town comfort have earned Bronxville its reputation as a model suburban village.